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Practice Areas - Trademarks

Trademark Portfolio

Perhaps even more so than for patent holders, the proper management and oversight of one's trademark portfolio is a critical component for any individual or business that holds multiple trademarks.  The assessment and management of a trademark portfolio requires evaluating registered marks and prospective marks under a wide range of criteria, including aspects of art, marketing, and law.  Without having an organized trademark portfolio and a clear plan of future development, trademark holders can engage in many self-defeating practices, including having marks that send conflicting messages to consumers or fail to create brand recognition, improper license or assignment agreements, and missed opportunites for recognizable and marketable trademarks.  It is of the utmost importance to have a clear business plan in conjunction with experienced professionals who have the perspective and foresight necessary to provide you with a structured trademark portfolio and comprehensive plan for the growth and development thereof.

At the Wilson Legal Group, our team of legal professionals has the experience, knowledge, and backgrounds necessary to give you the strong trademark portfolio you need to create brand recognition for your company.  Our team includes talented entrepreneurs, experienced marketers, and professionals with backgrounds in the arts; we can provide you a clear view of your options and opportunites as a trademark holder.  Our extensive experience with all types of intellectual property, further, enables us to advise you on your best interests.  Whether by helping you to avoid trademark dilution, providing you with strong licensing and assignment agreements, or advising you on the best trademark options, the Wilson Legal Group has the skills and drive necessary to give you the strong representation and competent advice you need in all your trademark matters.