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A crucial, and often overlooked, aspect of patents is the managing and maintaining of one's patent portfolio.  For both inventors and businesses, it is of utmost importance when considering patent licenses and assignments to make timely and forward-looking decisions.  Too often individuals and companies may overlook the importance of an organized patent portfolio with a structured plan of development and so make uninformed decisions and lose valuable assets.  For career inventors, it is important to have a clear plan as to what kind of inventions one plans to work towards for the foreseeable future.  Without such forethought, one might assign an older patent away a few months before coming up with a perfectly complimentary invention.  Businesses, because of the large number of licenses and assignments they may have at any given time, are even more susceptible to oversights and poor planning if no organization is put into their portfolio.  It provides little benefit to acquire a new patent to support and compliment one already owned if the prior patent is going to expire in less than a year.

Adding a further level of complexity, a patent portfolio can never be properly considered on its own but must be considered in light of and together with a variety of factors, including economic climate, business plans, corporate principles, trademark portfolios, trade secrets, and copyrights as well as a consideration of any similar or related patents to those in your portfolio.  With so many broad and various factors to be considered, you need professionals with a wide breadth of experience and knowledge to assist in properly managing your patent portfolio.  The attorneys and professionals of the Wilson Legal Group have a diversity of backgrounds in the sciences and arts, are experienced entrepreneurs, and have a wealth of experience in all aspects of intellectual property.  They can provide you with the knowledge and perspective necessary to develop a comprehensive view and plan for your intellectual properties.