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Practice Areas - Complex Litigation

Corporate Law - Corporation

One of the oldest forms of business entities, the corporation is a form of business organization which, apart from its owners, takes on many legal rights as a separate body and is chartered by a state.  The corporate form is typified by the full limited liability of its owners, the issuance of shares of transferable stock, and the increasing concern of continuation.  With a highly developed and evolved body of law underlying the corporate form, management of a corporation requires careful attention to a variety of factors.  Of particular concern for corporations are the issues of securities laws and the doctrine of piercing the corporate veil.  Securities, broadly defined, involve the investment of money in a common enterprise with the expectation of profits from the efforts of others; more simply, securities can include anything sold to people where they expect to profit from mere ownership.  In relation to the corporate form, securities most often are found in the form of the corporation's stock.  Because securities are subject to strict and extensive regulations by the federal government, in particular the Securities Exchange Commission, securities law can prove to be an area of constant concern for corporations.  Of equal concern can be the issue of the piercing of the corporate veil. , Notwithstanding the full limited liability of the owners of a corporation, a claimant may be able to hold the owners personally liable if there are grounds justifying a court in disregarding the corporate form, such as where the corporation has been used to commit a fraud.  Both the areas of securities law and the piercing of the corporate veil require constant and careful vigilance to ensure that the corporation and its owners are protected.